1.Brighten your home

While the pandemic keeps us all indoors, you can use the time to do some stay at home interior design.

Whether you live in a house or a small apartment, they are always way to brighten your home. Best of all, you won’t need any furnishing.

2. Rearrange your home

Moving your furniture around can give you a whole new space. That bookshelf that’s been in the corner since you moved in might look better on the opposite wall. When you’ve moved that, it can get you comfortable with different discoveries, you will find a new focal point for the room.

Try to let yourself have fun experimenting. Look at your living room and see what furniture you can move and where. Just make sure you have help moving heavier pieces.

3. The less is more

Many people who did not previously have the opportunity are now working from home. Rearranging your home can improve productivity and comfort by giving you a designated workspace.

Nothing distracts you more than a desk full of messy. How many times have you caught yourself tapping the bubblehead in front of your computer, or sorting through the cup full of pens beside you?

Studies show that your brain tries to focus on everything around it. The less it has to focus on outside of your current task, the more you will get done.

4. Essential is important

Start by removing items you don’t use is not only a great way to declutter your house and help you focus, but it also increases your general sense of well-being.

Give you a  spring décor tip: a natural element like a vase with some greenery and candles like our Symphony candles here, make for a simple and elegant moment in your home.