Symphony is…

Symphony is more than a piece of home decor.
Symphony candle delivers warmth and relaxation with the benefits of safety.
We are happy to share every heart-warming moment with you.

Our intelligent creation

It is our aim to create one of the most clever flameless candles.
Realistic, natural flame is probably heartless without sensation of your feelings.
So, we created the most intelligent IC for Symphony, which dances and flickers with your rhythm whatever you said or listen.

Natural flame reflection

There’s magic inside the flames.
With candle-like swinging leaf on the top of the pillar and the magical lightning mechanism inside its body, illuminating Rhythm-Sensing flame to create a natural reflection of affecting flame.
Natural flame like Symphony can fool your eyes and relieve your soul.

Wave in your rhythm


Dancing and flickering as the way you feel.
Symphony is born with an innovative patented Rhythm-Sensing mode, it means that whatever it hears – music or sound.
It will change as the rhythm goes, to be vivid or dim, bringing artistic visual sensation in any room.


Symphony embeds the gesture to ‘Twist’ – to find new perspectives on flameless candles.
‘Twist’ is a way to change ordinary to extraordinary. From Symphony’s Nature to Pearl collection,
She focuses on the creative assimilation of customized remote control and Rhythm-Sensing mode of flame,
which illuminates your styles whatever you are.



Symphony candles can sustain extreme temperature.
With the natural flickering flame just like a traditional flame, this candle keeps your home safe from any accidents or mess.

She is a treasure to us


and we hope she can also be a treasure to all of you.